Wool and Feathers

Today was my first sub-freezing commute for the season. It was 25F on the way in. I have pretty much forgotten which clothing combinations work best at which temperatures, so I’m working on re-figuring that stuff out.

Many of the people on the iBob list sing the praises of wool bicycling clothes. I kind of thought it was all a bunch of eccentric iBob wierdness, but I’ve been wearing a Ktena merino wool top for a few weeks now, and I really like it.

The main advantage is that wool feels more comfortable over a larger temperature range than the synthetics. The downside is that it’s way more expensive, and you have to be careful about how you wash it.

On the way home today, a big hawk was sittting in a field along the road. As I rode up, he took off and flew maybe 2 feet over my head. I was able to get a real close look at his belly feathers. It was awesome. Those poor bastards in cars don’t know what they’re missing.