The Raven of Thought

I went for a ride down to City Island today. I’ve been experimenting with some new software and wanted some pictures to test with it. The software is called Hugin, which is a gui frontend for Panorama Tools.The upshot is that it lets you take several pictures with a cheap digicam and combine them for a panorama effect.

Before you go clicking on any of these pictures, be aware that they are fairly large files.

This is a regular picture. No digital trickery here. It’s just my bicycle with Santa Claus. For Christmas, my bicycle would like a new rear wheel, a new rear derailleur, a new chain, and a much lighter operator.


This is a 2-image composite. It’s some sprawl under contruction.

Slash and Burn

This is a 3-image composite of the Market St. Bridge. I took it from City Island.

The Market St. Bridge

Overall, it was about a 25 mile ride, which is the longest I’ve done on the Diamondback since roadifying it. It was in the upper 20’s, and I got cold. I seem to be troubled by the cold more this year than last. I must be getting old.