It’s pouring evil 70° rain outside, so I’m stuck in the house. I started playing around with Topo and I found something interesting.

You may remember my post about my nice ride down the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail.


Well, I was looking at the map to see what happens to that rail road grade after the CVRT ends. It seems to turn into a proper road, which runs the whole way into Carlisle. The map shows the name of this road as “Unimproved Local Road.” I wonder what that means?!

A road without a name

Maybe it’s a dirt road? That would be cool as hell. I’m gonna try to get out this weekend and check it out. The map shows it as 14.21 miles long.

After this mysterious road meanders through downtown Carlisle, it turns back into a trail, then unceremoniously ends after 2.18 miles.

A rail trail in Carlisle?