MythTV: You get what you pay for

When speccing out parts for my MythTV project, I tried to go with the cheapest stuff I could get away with.I think that may have been a mistake. I am having intermittant lockups, and other wierd bahaviors, my driver problems notwithstanding.I think I have tracked down drivers for my on-board audio and my wireless card, but I can’t keep the system running long enough to find out!

I suspect my motherboard is a POS. Not unexcpected for $50. I should have gotten one with more than 2 PCI slots to begin with anyways. I’m stuck with only one tuner card in this configuration.

Can anyone reccommend a good socket 754 motherboard that plays nicely with Linux?


I saw that Jono is getting his MythTV running with Ubuntu, and he has the same capture card as me. So, I installed Ubuntu. I am getting no lockups, and I am able to get on the internet via the onboard ethernet card. I have a new problem, however. Ubuntu likes my video card even less than Fedora did. I may still end up getting another mobo.