MythTV: Money Pit

Sorry for lack of updates. End-of-semester hijinks and holiday nonsense are keeping me busy.

Anyway, in order to get the MythTV going again, I have decided to scrap my plan of using the PVR-350 for both TV-in AND TV-out. I will get a dedicated TV-out card (replacing the wireless card) and ethernet cable all over the house. This will no doubt delight the cats, and drive Brandi slightly bonkers.

So, I’m going to scrounge the old Nvidia GeForce2Ti card from my main desktop PC. It’s got svideo out, and no noisy fan. This means I need to buy a replacement graphics board for my main system.

This project is getting expensive, but the geek points are totally worth it.

The large gents over at Lugradio are talking about MythTV this week, too. Check it out!