My water bottle froze on my ride home from work today. That kind of sucked.Winter will officially be here in two days, which means I don’t have much time to prepare for the JulBlót festivities. I hope to have some pictures of the goat-worshiping and the mead-brewing posted sometime next week.

In other news, Dr. Mayhem and I have founded the Harrisburg Linux cUrry Group. This is basically an organization for people who like Linux to get together and talk about it while enjoying some nice indian food. We will probably be having our first meeting at Passage to India sometime after the holidays.

So, if you like curry, and you like Linux, keep an eye on the official website ( for more details.

Speaking of Linux, LugRadio Season 3, Episode 5 was released today. I listened to it at work, and it was very funny, as per usual. Check it out.

I have also volunteered to help out transcribing the show for the hearing impaired. If anyone wants to help check my work, here’s how you can help:

  1. Download Episode 4
  2. Open up my transcript in progress
  3. Let me know if you found any errors, or just fix it yourself in the wiki.
  4. I need particular help understanding Sparkes’ west-midlandish accent, which is all but incomprehensible to my American ears.