Every autumn, the days get shorter and shorter until eventually the people tire of the darkness and set out to do something about it.

A few nights ago, a few friends and I made our way to the shores of the mighty Susquehanna. There, alongside the liquid soul of Pennsylvania, we prepared to awaken the sleeping sun.

The plan:

  1. Build a bonfire big enough to warm the toes of the almighty goat-lord
  2. Drink large quantities of mead for inspiration and warmth
  3. Hoot, holler, carry on, and dance in a foolish way around the aforementioned fire
  4. Hope that all the above activities will awaken the sun

So, we build a fire


And we stoked it to insane proportions

Big Fire

And we chanted in arcane tounges and drunken slurs

Your humble author, offering prayers to the sun

The goat-lord responds!

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME: We are professional idiots.

For a limited time (until I run out of bandwidth), you can download a video(23MB), wherein the goat-lord announces himself with a powerful explosion from the ceremonial bonfire.

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