Geek Update

The Linux meeting happened last night, and I think it went pretty well. We had 5 people turn up (including me), and we had some nice food and some geeky conversation.

We are thinking of rotating the meeting to more than just indian restaurants, so we will probably change the name to something more generic than curry.

I have hacked up a prototype logo for the group. It’s Tux wearing a chef’s toque.

I installed WordPress 2.0 on the LUG website. I’m running WP 1.2 here on, and things have improved considerably. I will have to make another attempt at an upgrade when I have the time.

I have tracked down the source of my final MythTV obstacle: Nvidia drivers. The motherboard I got for this project uses the Nforce chipset, and those drivers haven’t trickled their way into Breezy yet. (Version 1.0.8178 last seen in Debian unstable) To further complicating things, Brandi gave me a game for Xmas that requires more horsepower than my desktop PC has.

So, the logical next step is to perform a double motherboard transplant. I am going to swap the cases/harddrives between the two boxes. Hopefully I will end up with a MythTV with fully Linux-compliant hardware, and a Desktop PC with enough power to play games on.

I am now in the process of tracking down and backing up all the various and sundry data on my desktop. So far, I have found 40GB of stuff I want to keep.