Drivers Wanted

I had the day off today, and Brandi did not. It was pouring down cold rain all day, so no bike riding. Instead, Cringer and I spent the day in the computer room, working on the MythTV. My plan to swap out motherboards fell on its face. There was a small matter of a stripped screw, so It looks like the motherboard and case are inseperable on my old desktop. So, I’m forced to either buy a different motherboard for the Myth box, or try to get the one I have to work.So, I moved the soundcard from the desktop to the Myth box, and I decided to try Dapper Drake, Flight 2. It’s an alpha release of Ubuntu, so maybe it’ll have newer drivers.

Cringer oversees the burning of a CD-R

Cringer is overseeing the burning of the CD (Cringer still uses WindowsXP…for shame…)

The Drake giveth…

Dapper Drake looks like it will be very cool when it comes out, it detected my sound card, and at least tried to detect the video card. X came up automatically, albeit with a generic VESA driver instead of the proper nv driver.

The Drake taketh away…

The on-board network card doesn’t work! Argh!

I’m running out of ideas, so I’m going to try the pre-release of Fedora Core 5. Maybe the driver fairy will smile on me.