Magic Beans


I got my miles in, despite some evil, cold rain. Tommorow is a recovery day. Also my first day of class for the new semester. A Chart of my mileage for the week

In unrelated news, I just found out that a biodiesel manufacturing facility has opened up a literal stones’ throw away from my office. You can actually see my office building in their picture. I know many of the bicycling faithful detest all forms of internal combustion, but even in a bicycle-utopia, I’d want the Ambulances and Fire Trucks to go faster than 15mph. And those run on diesel. They say they can get 1.5 gallons of the stuff out of 1 bushel of soybeans. Pretty cool stuff. Given that soybeans are going for about $5.60 / bushel, I’m not sure how the economics work out, but it’s cool stuff nevertheless. Biodiesel counts towards Jihad, no matter how you slice it. Oh, you can heat your house with the stuff, too.