Farm Show Weather

I had a full schedule yesterday, so I got out of bed bright and early to do my ride first thing. I looked out the window and the fog was so thick I couldn’’t see the birdfeeder on the porch.
I decided that, under the circumstances, morning rush hour was not the best time for my ride. Yesterday was also my mom’’s birthday, and she made the drive down from Lewisburg to see my sister and I, and attend the farm show. I had never been to the farm show before, and despite the funky smells, it was pretty cool.

Energy Harvest

The DEP had a stand with some literature on biodiesel and windfarms. Sadly, the attendant couldn’’t be bothered to take his iPod out of his ears to talk to me. I picked up a few brochures, but they were mostly geared towards farmers, and not consumers. That’’s to be expected, I guess. They had a Jeep and some farm tractors with biodiesel stickers on them. I’’m not sure what was so special about them, since (as far as I know) any newish diesel engine can use biodiesel without modification.

Maple Syrup Sweetheart v. Corn Syrup Whore

The food court had the other coolest attraction of the fair. The maple producers associations banded together and had a booth selling maple-syrup-infused frozen yogurt. To top it all off, they had a beauty queen, the “Pure Pennsylvania Maple Sweetheart.” complete with sash and Tiara, serving the stuff.
The more I think about it, the more maple syrup seems like an ideal product. It’’s a profitable use of the forest that doesn’’t require the forest to be cut down to get at. It’’s perfect.
What did Mrs. Butterworth ever do for the woods? Nothing.
Mrs. Butterworth
Mrs. Butterworth is a good-for-nothing corn-syrup whore.

Goats and Sheep: iBob stuff

Anyone on the iBob lists knows the virtues of wool clothing and pine tar soap.
I got to see lots of wool. People were shearing sheep left, right, and center. There was wool everywhere. There was also a gentleman from Williamsport who was selling goat-milk soap. One of the varieties smelled similar to the Pine Tar type sold by Rivendell. So, I bought a bar and I’’ll give it a try. It seemed a bit soft, so I’’m not sure how long it’’ll last, but it felt good to patronize my local goat herder.

The Weather

Ever since I moved to Harrisburg (almost 8 years ago) people say that there is always bad weather for the farm show. This week has been insanely warm. My neighbors’’ tulips have started to come up, the farmer’’s field across the street has something sprouting already, and my lawn even needs mowing! So, I suited up to go on a ride this afternoon. I got about a quarter of a mile, when a vile arctic wind and frozen drizzle/snow started pelting me. It was totally demoralizing. I turned around and went home. Maybe I’’ll be more motivated tommorow.