Good Morning

I got out of bed bright and early today, and set out with the dawn.

I took this pic from my back porch this morning.

I rode all around the bucolic farmland sprawling wasteland around Boiling Springs.

169 Acres up for slaughter
Just what we need. More strip malls.

Anyways, apart from the dissapearing scenery, it was an enjoyable ride.

This was my route:

My route

I am doing much better this week.

My progress for the week

I wore my new booties today. They kept my feet warmer than I expected, but my toes still got pretty cold. I also tried out some new riding attire today. I know the folks at Rivendell like button down seersucks shirts for riding in the summertime. I like the idea of bicycling clothing that doesn’t make you look like a space alien, so I tired out a very nice Woolrich button down I got for Xmas.
It worked out very well. Woolrich no longer does much manufacturing in Pennsylvania (China, I’m afraid), but they still have their corporate offices in Woolrich, PA, and that counts for something.

Wool rocks.

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