Gettin my Woods on

I went to Stony Valley today. It was cool. I did 30 miles on the Diamondback. The trail isn’t in all it’s scenic glory just yet, there still aren’t any leaves on the trees.
The Trail

The Trail

I was only about a mile in when a flock (gaggle?) of about 20 wild turkeys flew over my head. That was pretty cool.

Moustache Bars

My bike from the perspective of a turkey

I had to stop to let some air out of the tires. The gravel road was vibrating my bike and bouncing me all over.

A big stone

Pit Stop

I came up on this pond/wetlands kind of place. Two ducks flew away before I could take their picture. I think they were Mallards, but thier wings were a funny shade of blue.


There were ducks here a minute ago.

Going 30 miles on a fire road is alot harder than going 30 miles on pavement. I was ready to celebrate every milestone. Crossing the county line calls for heavy metal devil horn fingers.

County Line

Welcome to Lebanon County.

One of the nice (and kind of unsettling) things about this valley is that there is absolutely no cell phone service.

County Line

Nobody’s Home

The turn around point at the Appalachian Trail crossing wasn’t nearly as photogenic as I had hoped, so no picture of that, but I did stop to party when I came back into Dauphin County.

County Line

Welcome to Dauphin County.

You can’t go for a bike ride on this trail without pointing out that the army wants to make this place into an artillery range. Fuck that.

The Ents are wearing signs of protest, too.

Save Stony Valley!