Cold Kayaking

I went on a short kayaking trip on the Susquehanna with some friends today.The water was really friggan cold, so keeping the boats upright was of paramount importance. does not endorse, condone, or promote dangerous kayaking…do not try this at home…etc.The first order of business was getting all three boats on Klinutus’ car.

Loading Up the Car
Ahh… Fahrvergnugen!

We put our boats in the water at the Watsontown bridge.

Watsontown River Bridge
The Watsontown Brige

A friendly goose floated along with us for a mile or so.

A goose
A Goose

I don’t know what the gulls are doing this far upstream from the Chesapeake…?


We explored a few smaller stream tributaries. This is where one connects with the Susquehanna. I thought that farm on the west shore was pretty.

A Farm
A farm on the Susquehanna

Hopefully, we’ll do a longer ride in a few weeks onece the leaves are on the trees and the hypothermia risk is a bit lower.