Turtles All The Way Down

When Brandi was a little girl, she had some sort of horrible bicycling accident, and she refuses to ride them anymore. This poses a problem, because if I go off on one of my bike rides, she doesn’t come with me. Since both of us work different schedules, my rides eat into what little time we have to do stuff together.By way of compromise, we decided to go for a smallish hike after work today. We went to Wildwood Lake. Neither of us even knew it was there before today (I found it while doing some gmaps exploration for bicycle routes).

Anyways, the place is very nice, and it’s pretty close by.

We got there and were greeted with a prophetic sign warning us of impending turtles.

Turtle Crossing
Turtle Crossing

I’m happy that things are starting to turn green. I have a touch of the seasonal affective funk, and seeing green stuff seems to pull me right out of it.

Behold: Photosynthesis
I’m all about the chloroplasts

We saw a beaver swimming around, and I assume this is his house.

Beaver House
A beaver house

The lake was full of all sorts of ducks and geese and those long-legged white birds (Egrets?) I don’t know much about birds, but I’m pretty sure this is a goose’s arse.

A goose's arse
A goose’s arse

More signs of life. The trees are busy getting thier leaves ready.

Budding tree

At last, the long awaited turtle parade. I have seen turtles all lined up on a log like this on TV, but never in real life.

Turtles in the sun

We also saw a deer and some gigantic snapping turtles, but I didn’t get any picures of them. I was amazed at how much wildlife there was basically in downtown Harrisburg. It’s a 3.1 mile hike around the whole lake, and we were back to the starting point in about an hour. Not a bad way to kill a Friday afternoon.