Baseball Sucks

Yesterday, I put a third coat of shellac on the handlebars of the Diamondback. I think it turned out pretty nice.
Shiny Moustache bars
Ain’t them some purty bars?

Today, I took a ride down to city island to sit and read my book and enjoy the sunshine. I found a nice spot under a tree next to the kids’ sandbox.

A sandbox
A good spot to read a book

Unfortunately, there was a baseball game going on, so it was too noisy to read. So I rode across the river and found a bench in Riverfront park. I had a lovely time reading all about mystical pythagorean dodecahedrons and other topics too geeky to get into here.

The view from City Island
Our fair city

After I had enough math for the day, I set out north on the Greenbelt, but I was delayed but what I assume was a herd of lost church people… All dressed up standing in a clump in the middle of the bike path, just kind of meandering around, looking at the river.

Between the dog walkers, the rollerbladers, and overdressed pedestrians, the greenbelt isn’t safe to ride on anymore.

Nevertheless, it was a nice ride. About 25 miles all together. I wore my Teva sandals instead of regular sneakers for the first time on a bike, and it’s pretty nice to coast down hills with the wind blowing on your toes.