Tip the Bottle, Bite the Lime


I see the lightning
From the storm down in Mexico
I see my speedometer doesn’t work
I cross the desert
Disappear into the tumbleweeds
I tip the bottle and bite the lime

Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, one of my all-time favourite bands, the source of endless drinking songs and other assorted revelry*, has achieved vertical integration in the drunken buffoonery market by launching its very own brand of tequila.

They have also started a blog on myspace, a hosting provider hithertofore exclusively used as a matchmaking service for children and paedophiles.

Questionable taste in hosting provider aside, they have a new mini-album out on iTunes. I am listening to it now and all is right with the universe.

I hear the thunder
From the storm down in Mexico
I leave the border far behind
I feel the dust coat my teeth
And turn my face to mud
I tip the bottle and bite the lime

*they get bonus points for noticing that light travels faster than sound by ordering the above-quoted verses correctly.
**Anyone with a song with captain picard in it that gets radio play, totally rocks