Brandi and I went out for a little hike today. I wanted to scout the woods for sufficiently discreet campsites for my trip. There seem to be good spots all over the place up there, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

The White Deer Creek

We had a sunny day, puntucated with downpours. The trail we were hiking on used to be a forestry road, but it was closed off to car traffic many years ago, and has since become a bit washed out.

Washed out road

A washout on the Dunbar Trail

The far side of that washout might make an ideal spot to put my tent. It’s pretty level, it’s got a cushy combination of grass and moss growing on it, it’s pretty remote, and I can get there on my bike.

The main event, of course, was to try out my mountain cookery rig.

Mountain Cookery

Cooking in the woods is cool.

Everything worked. I am pleased to report that Mountain House Freeze Dried Lasagna is actually quite good. Brandi even says so, and she’s a professional chef.

I’m thinking if the weather permits, I am going to try to do my camping trip next weekend.