Chainrings and Beer

I have been running 48-38-30 chainrings on the Trek for about a year. After last week, I have been thinking that I might do my next bike-camping trip on paved roads. If I do that, I’m going to want stump-pulling gears on the road bike, too. I recently scored a 26 tooth granny gear on ebay, so I installed that today, and took the Trek out for a ride.
My Bike
I like the way it looks now. Maybe I’m wierd, but I like the aesthetics of being able to see three seperate chainrings. It’s like transparent design, or something.Chainrings
After I got back from my ride, I went to the Brewhouse where I discovered something wonderful:
Legacy Brewing’s Hedonism Ale is liquid Jesus. They make it in Reading and bottle it in Harrisburg. It is divine.Maybe my next camping trip will be to Reading 🙂
Nectar of the gods