Another Hike

Ever since my bike-camping trip, I’ve been thinking about going backpacking again, but I’m not exactly in what you’d call trail-ready shape, so Brandi and I have been doing little hikes after work to knock the dust out of my knees and explore the local trails. I’m not from around here, so these trails are all new and exciting to me. Especially the AT. Once upon a time, I harbored delusions about doing the whole shebang, all 2,175 miles of it, all in one trip.

A call to adventure

Maybe someday, but not today. Today, Brandi and I skipped work and made a short day hike on Peter’s mountain. Peter’s mountain has a kind of rocky spine sticking out all along its top.

Lots of rock formations

It was hot. I went through water at a rate of almost 1 liter/hour.

When there are hot rocks in the mountains, you get snakes. We encountered 2 big black snakes today. They were very shy and got out of our way pretty quickly.

A black snake

We hiked in about 3.5 miles, turned around, and hiked back to the car.


3.5 miles down, 2171.5 to go…