Dominus Buddhimus Maximus

Dig this:A couple of Buddhist nuns decide to start a convent in downtown LA. No biggie, right? Along comes a group of fundamentalist Christian douchebags who try to block their building permits on the grounds that burning incense will contribute to air pollution! In Los Angeles!

Anyways, the nuns called in the Archdioceses of Los Angeles to mediate the dispute. The Archdioceses agreed to help, and sent in its director of ecumenical and inter-religious affairs, Father Alexei Smith. Father Smith was able to smooth things out, and the nuns got to build their convent.

Rev. Kusala has posted the audio of his hour-long interview with Father Alexei over at Urban Dharma.

They discuss all sorts of interesting theological stuff, the ramifications of Vatican II, and what it’s like to be in charge of inter-religious affairs under the pope who wrote Dominus Iesus, a document that formally declares that all other religions are full of shit.

It’s an interesting podcast.