I have been spending far too much time on blasphemy, and not nearly enough on bicycling lately.To remedy the situation, Girtong2 and I were planning to do a bicycle tour of Gettysburg today, but a number of factors conspired to make that impractical. Instead, we decided to have a go at circumnavigating the Capital Area Greenbelt


the CAGA is well marked in some places

We set out from City Island, and headed up the riverfront. There was some sort of parade of firetrucks running down front street, so the bike path was crowded with onlookers. Just before Wildwood lake, we were treated to breathtaking views of the industrial bucolic splendor of Harrisburg.



After we passed Wildwood lake, we sort of lost the trail. We found it again on the HACC campus, but it quickly deteriorated and became unridable. Either the construction of the greenbelt is not fully completed, or we were utterly lost. Neither would be surprising.

We backtracked, but were still unable to find the trail. Girtong2 tried to make use of his top secret Masonic distress signal, but to no avail.

A Faceless Mason
Who keeps the metric system down?

We decided to cut through what realtors would probably call an “up and coming” neighborhood. The streets were covered in broken glass, garbage, and filth. Luckily, nobody got a flat tire.

When we returned to the riverfront, where we found the firetrucks doing some sort of ceremony pumping water from the river, and spraying it back into the river… The geese were not amused.

Firetrucks spraying water

Firetrucks pissing off the geese

When it was all said and done, we covered about 15 miles on our wandering route.