Two Years of this Crap

As of today, I’ve been running this silly little blog for 2 whole years.I’ve been re-reading old entries the past few days as part of my database migration, and I’m noticing that I have much less focus now than I did when I first started this thing.I think it’s because I have sort of back-burnered my century-ride goal, and instead have been pursuing other…poorly defined objectives.

So, here are a few potential objectives, that I might actually try to pull off:

  1. A 100-mile bicycle ride
  2. Kayaking the entire susquehanna river
  3. Becoming a vegetarian
  4. Achieving buddhist enlightenment and/or nirvana
  5. A holy pilgrimage to the Quick-Stop
  6. Getting abducted by aliens

So far, my longest bike ride was about 41 miles. I’m a little less than half way to goal number one.

I have kayaked / canoed maybe 50 miles of the mighty susquehanna. The river is 410 miles long, so I have a long ways to go on that one.

I really like cheeseburgers, so becoming a vegetarian would be difficult, but I understand that it’s kind of a requirement for buddha-enlightenment. You also have to sit in zazen for a very long time.

I just saw clerks 2 last night, and a pilgrimage to the holy Quick-Stop would kick-ass. It’s 190 miles from Mechanicsburg to Leonardo, so it would take me about a week to go out and back by bicycle. I suppose it would be theoretically possible to kayak to it, but I’d have to win the lottery and be pretty seriously mentally ill to attempt it. (In other words, I just need funding)

I’m not sure what selection criterion the aliens use to choose thier abductees. I think I would make a good ambassador to the little green men, but there’s not much I can really do to make this one happen.

All things considered, I think I have the best chance of pulling off the 100 mile bike ride. I think I’m going to re-start my efforts to follow the official training plan.

I got a few books on meditation, too. If I discover the meaning of the universe or any shit like that, I’ll let you know.