Land – O – Lakes

I was a little bored today, and so I got to thinking about how to optimize my commute.This is a composite map of the area surrounding my route to work.


My commute takes me roughly from the lower left to the upper right side of the map. The map is somewhat deceptive, however, because many of the roads depicted on the map are utterly worthless to me as a bicycler. Dead ends, cul-de-sacs, and restricted highways are all useless to me.

To make the map more useful to bicyclists, I have gone ahead and retouched it to make it seem like any worthless piece of asphalt is actually a body of water.

Highways are rivers, and unnavigable cul-de-sac neighborhoods are ponds.

This is what the same area looks like from the perspective of a bicyclist.

A practical view of the neighborhood

Seeing the map this way also makes it plain that there simply isn’t ANY east-west route through the area that doesn’t involve one of the busy arterial roads. I have to take either the Carlisle Pike, Trindle Road, Simpson Street, or Gettysburg road.

I usually take Simpson in the morning, because there isn’t much traffic, and Gettysburg in the afternoon, because it gets less than the others (but it still gets a lot).

We could really use a bike path along that railroad line right through the center of the picture.