Many years ago, I used to sit with a Zen nun. She was a nice lady, and taught me lots of things about Soto Zen Buddhism. I was about 18 years old at the time, and I ended up getting more interested in chasing girls and getting drunk than I was in staring at the walls and waiting for enlightenment.Lately, I don’t drink so much, and I no longer have the energy to chase women, and so I’ve been thinking about getting back into formal meditation. Google only turns up 2 meditation centers in the Harrisburg area, neither of which appeal to me too much.

Today, my mom came down to visit, and she told me that my old nun has been making the papers in Williamsport.

Rev. Dai-en Bennage

While I was goofing off, Rev. Bennage was being sworn in as the Abbess of the Mt. Equity Zendo.

I think I might make the trip up and see if I’m not better able to concentrate, now that I’m no longer a drunken teenager.