By looking at the satellite images on google maps, I have come to the determination that I have been being a crybaby about sprawl in the area. Yes, it’s terrible and I hate it, but it could be much worse.

My Route

There seems to be plenty of farmland near my house. I have just been being a sissy about getting lost, and so I’ve been sticking to major roads too often.

No More! Today, I set out on roads I didn’t even know existed yesterday. Of course, I got lost once. Not by much, though. It also appears that the google satellite images are a bit out of date. Much of the farmland depicted there is no more, but some of it is, and that was nice.

I found a really cool looking barn, but when I stopped to take a picture, I realized I forgot my camera, and had to use the crappy camera in my cell phone.

a cool barn

Anyhow, the ride was a hair over 14 miles, which, sadly, is the longest ride I’ve done in over a month.