Bloody Knuckles / New Pedals


My new pedals came in the mail a few days ago.

Important Safety Tip:

Before removing a drive-side pedal, shift the front deraileur onto the big chainring. Otherwise, when your pedal wrench moves, you will drive the greasy, filthy teeth of the chainring into your fist.

Bloody Knuckles

I’ve ridden to work on them the past 2 days, and despite Riv’s claims about thier width, they seem a bit narrow to me. (I have sasquatch feet, size 15).
It is somewhat liberating to be able to walk off the bike and into a store and not feel like a total weenie clicking all over the floor.

I don’t think they make me any slower than the SPD’s. At least not in any measure significant to commuting. I might put the SPDs back on for longer rides on the weekends. I’m afraid my feet are way too big for Powergrips.

2 thoughts on “Bloody Knuckles / New Pedals

  1. I would be a bit surprised if the XL Powergrips were too small if you wear normal shoes. A lot of folks around here use them with heavy boots in the Winter.

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