Maple Syrup


Brandi and I went to the Bloomsburg Fair tonight. There was the normal assortment of games, rides, barnyard animals, weirdos, etc.

Just as we were about to leave, this caught my eye:

Lumberjack shirt
Lumberjack Shirt

It was a woman wearing a shirt advertising the New York State Woodsmen’s Field Day, a lumberjack festival. I’m a big fan of the woods, and (perhaps surprisingly) of lumberjacks. Everybody knows two things about lumberjacks:

  1. Lumberjacks wear flannel shirts
  2. Lumberjacks eat pancakes for breakfast.

Everybody also knows that pancakes are no good without syrup on them, and we’ve discussed the evils of Mrs. Butterworth previously. If you want to grow up to be a big, manly lumberjack, you need real maple syrup, from real maple trees.
As luck would have it, the lady inside the shirt was running a maple syrup stand.
Pat's Sugarhouse
Pat’s Sugarhouse

We bought a pint of her syrup (we were fresh out), and she told us all about lumberjacks and her sugaring operation. In exchange for free publicity on, she invited us to come out in the spring and check out her trees and syrup production facilities, which was pretty darn cool of her.
She doesn’t have a web page yet, but we might be able to barter a site in exchange for a bucket or two of syrup.

Anyhow, if you’re eating dry pancakes, you’re a damn fool, and I don’t think you could get maple syrup from a nicer lady. So here’s how to get some of her syrup:

Pat’s Sugarhouse
14611 Dickson St.
Guys Mills, PA 16327
Phone: 814.377.2483
Fax: 814.337.1366