It’s Getting Cold


I rode in to work today. This is the first time I’ve been on a bike since I hurt my shoulder. It still hurts if I try to shift too much weight to the handlebars. I entertained fantasies of Albatross bars for a while, but I made it.

A bike (not mine) with Albatross bars
A bike (not mine) with Albatross bars

It got cold, too. It was about 50°F this morning. I could see my breath and everything.

It looks like kayaking season is pretty much over, unless I get a wetsuit or something, so I’ll prolly be doing more biking. This is the Blasphemous Bicycler, afterall, and not the Pagan Paddler, or the Heretical Hiker.

2 thoughts on “It’s Getting Cold

  1. I sell the shit out of Albatross bars at HC. I put them on my Atlantis this Spring, and it is my new favorite all-around bar. Plans for my new Curt Goodrich custom offroad tourer include A-bars. The shop Pugsley has A-bars. And I have made a dozen MTBs way more classy with A-bars. I’m setting up an ANT Boston Roadster with A-bars flipped upside-down.

  2. I’m considering them for my diamondback. I’m getting a bit bored of the moustache bars. The top tube on that bike is already too short for me, so I’ll have to get an insanely long stem.

    It’s probably time for a new frame, but then I’d have to reconsider wheel size, and I’ve already got that real nice 26″ wheel, so I’m trying to avoid making any real decisions about that bike 🙂

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