AT – Shippensburg Road to Caledonia


Brandi and I took advantage of the nice weather yesterday to chew off another 10 miles of the Appalachian Trail. The leaves are really starting to hit their groove, and it was pretty.


The past few times we went out, we screwed around with various stoves, backpacker meals, etc. This time, we decided to leave all that crap at home, and just eat trail mix and baloney sandwiches for lunch.

My baloney has a first name

That worked out much better. Far less hassle. I think I’m going to trade in my powerbars for Peanut butter sandwiches on my next bike ride.

Our progress so far
Our past two hikes

Brandi and I are both on vacation this week, and we are thinking of trying another ten miles tommorow.

There are 229 miles of the AT in Pennsylvania. We have about 209 left to hike.

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