Brandi’s sister is in town, and they went off to do the girlie stuff (shopping, or whatever girls do). Anyways, that left me with a day all to myself to go riding, lollygagging, goofing off, etc.

Poorly composed panorama

I rode up the Conewego Recreation Trail, and then on up the LVRT. It was about a 30 mile ride. I haven’t been doing too many longer rides lately, and it was fun having that horizontal tornado of leaves chasing me around.

Pretty, eh?
This was the view where I stopped for lunch

I really couldn’t have asked for a nicer day.


Towards the north end of the trail, the grade steepens very slightly. It’s just enough to slow you down, but not enough to make you realize that you’re going uphill. It’s kind of demoralizing until you turn around.