Spooky Hiking


Tuesday, Brandi and I were still a little worn out from Sunday’s hike, so we postponed our AT hike another day. Instead, we went to Boyd’s Big Tree Preserve to poke around.

This place is pretty cool. Apparently, some rich dude saw all the sprawl coming up over the mountains, and he bought about 1000 acres of woods, and donated it to the State Park Service. That kicks ass! When I become a rich dude, I’m gonna do that too.

Anyhow, one of the cool things about this preserve is that it’s got a really old cemetery on it. Some of the grave markers were from the 1740s! Many of them were still in German.

Born 1741

For those of you who do not sprechen Deutsch, this fellow was born June 2, 1741, and died May 15, 1819. He lived to a rather ripe old of age of 77. It was also intereting to see how many of these old german tombstones had little american flags on them. There were german-speaking revolutionary and French-Indian war vets buried here.

Something the “Welcome to America, Now speak English” types would do well to remember.

Anyhow, it was a really cool, overgrown, creepy cemetery. Looked like something right out of a bad haloween movie.

Willkommen nach Pennsylvania, sprechen jetzt Deutsches

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