Chicks dig Wool


Girtong2 and I spent some time this morning checking out the Thun and Exeter rail trails. These trails run along the Schuylkill River, which recently flooded. Some of the trail was covered in mud and silt from the flooding, so I was glad to have fenders on today.


The river was still in a pretty bad mood, even though the rain was a couple of days ago.

The river
The river.

The trail runs through a pretty industrial area near Reading, and we got to see some trains.
Choo Choo
Freight Train

Check it out, gen-you-whine ghetto gangsta graffiti.

For shizzle
my bicyizzle on the trailizzle

For those of you who don’t speak snoop-dog’s pig-latin, that’s my Trek up against a bridge support.

It was kind of cold out today, but I didn’t care at all, as I was decked out, head to toe, in merino wool. I don’t mean of oversell this, but the Ktena merino skins (available from Riv) are seriously the finest articles of clothing in the universe. The bottoms are tight enough to not get caught in the chain, but not so tight that joggers can guess your religion. The weave is tight enough that just enough air gets in to dry up your sweat, but not so much that you get cold air blowin’ ‘twixt your nethers.

Bike Seat

We pedaled past a top-heavy hottie-pants jogger lady, who was all decked out in underarmour plastic jogging clothes. And she was totally staring at my woolly britches.

Warm, comfy, and chicks dig ’em. What more can you ask for in bicycling attire?

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