Happy New Year


I don’t know if this is the case in other parts of the country, but in central Pennsylvania, we have a tradition. If you don’t eat sauerkraut on New Years Day, the whole year will suck, the devil will steal your soul, and boils will appear on your genitals.

So eat up.

Food of the Gods
Food of the Gods (click for big)

In addition to making a mean batch of pork-n-kraut, I also have made a new years resolution. I intend to re-focus this blog on my core competencies. That means riding bicycles and making fun of other peoples’ religious beliefs. I will still talk about hiking, kayaking, and manly outdoorsy stuff, but no more politics.

The president is an asshole and everybody knows it. The next president will probably be an asshole too. Come to think of it, other than Thomas Jefferson, all the presidents were pretty much assholes, so theres not much sense talking about the president anymore.

Besides, there are plenty of other places to read all about how the whole world sucks, and the end is nigh, and bird flu will kill us all, and negroes will impregnate your daughters, and whatever else they can think of to scare you into submission.

Fuck that. I’m going for a bike ride.

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