More Rail Trail Riding


Girtong2 and I tore up 13 miles of the north end of the Lebanon Valley Rail Trail this morning. The trail was surprisingly busy today. Lots of equestrians and a fair number of cyclists.

LVRT sign
Obligatory Bike Picture

We stopped for lunch at the country store in Colebrook, but the lady refused to make any subs because it was a Sunday. Apparently it breaks the sabbath or some such. The Blue Bird Inn, which was a speakeasy during prohibition, had no compunctions about serving us lunch.

There are many cow pastures along the LVRT

The wool underwear worked out very nicely. They are kind of expensive, but I think I might get another pair. They are very comfy on the bike, and more comfortable than padded bike shorts on the bar stool. I’d say that they are wonderful and give them 5 jihadis, but they’re just underwear, and I really can’t get all that excited about them. But they are quite nice.

I think I’m going to make a half-assed effort to keep track of my miles for 2007. For spiritual reasons, none of my bikes wear cyclocomputers, so mileage will be ballpark guesses. This weekend is the first I’ve ridden this year, so that makes 20 miles so far. Not much, but it’s a start. I would like to log at least 1200 miles this year.

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