Wool – Good Enough for Everest


I just came across an article from BBC news. Evidently, some people are trying to say that George Mallory could not possibly have summited Mt. Everest in 1924, because he only had wool clothing, and not the high-tech stuff people climb in nowadays.

They found Mallory’s frozen corpse on the side of the mountain back in 1999, and some people reverse engineered his outfit from the shredded remains surrounding the body .

Surprise, Surprise, wool and silk work out just fine in outrageously cold conditions.

Mountain man
International Mountain Man of Mystery

More importantly, a mountaineer decked out in stylish woollies, cuts quite the dashing figure, and is sure to be popular with any young ladies he encounters on his way up the mountain.

3 thoughts on “Wool – Good Enough for Everest

  1. Granted, I am cut from a coarser fiber than most men, but I wear wool 2/3 of the year on my body and 3/3 of the year on my feet. When I go on group outings in any weather, I am usually one of the more thermally comfortable members of the group.

  2. I’ve been rediscovering wool myself. I have been loading up on the Smart Wool products this winter. They do a good job with wool these days…not like those horrible sweaters I got as a kid!

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