York Heritage Rail Trail Ride


Brandi had the day off today, which is kind of rare for a Saturday. We don’t often have weekend time to do stuff together. I didn’t think she’d want to ride today, since it was supposed to be raining all day, but, this morning, she still wanted to. So we loaded up the bikes and headed out for York (home of the great and powerful Donut Guy!).

Defunct Manufactory
A defunct manufactory on a gloomy day

I had never ridden on the YHRT before. We kind of lost the trail at first. It starts in downtown York, and we ended up in a kind of ghetto-esque neighborhood. Once we found the trail again, we were treated to spectacular views of urban decay.
We made it about 5 miles out before it really started raining, so we turned around and packed it in.

A dead factory
A very large abandoned building

It was an enjoyable ride, but I’m never going to make my mileage goals at this rate. Girtong2 and I have a longer ride planned for the MLK holiday.

Today: 10 miles
This Week: 24 miles
January: 43 miles
2007: 43 miles

2 thoughts on “York Heritage Rail Trail Ride

  1. You guys need to start out a little further down next time.

    Those first couple of miles aren’t very pleasant. At least you and Brandi weren’t mugged:-o

    Start at Gladfelter Station and stop at the restaurant in Seven Valleys for a bite to eat.

  2. I think we’ll start at the Brillhart station parking lot next time. Brandi is obsessed with riding through railroad tunnels, and that would only be about half a mile north of the Howard Tunnel.

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