147 miles


No, not on my bicycle. Brandi and I made our (more or less) monthly trip to visit our mothers today. From Harrisburg to Brandi’s moms, to my Mom’s and back to Harrisburg is a 147 mile loop. How do I know this? I took my GPS and logged the whole thing.

Believe it or not, before Brandi moved in with me, this was my daily commute several days a week! My bicycle commuting is my atonement for past sins.

147 miles
No… sleep… ’till Middleburg!

Capturing this data means that exotic locales such as Mifflinburg, New Columbia, and many other exciting parts my rural Appalachian homeland will soon be part of the Open Street Map goodness.

This also means I logged a nice chunk of the mysterious PA Bicycle Route J. The signs have been up for about 2 years, but the route is still not mentioned on the bikePA website. Anyone at PennDOT know what’s up with that?

PA bike Route J sign
Bike Route J sign

I didn’t see any cyclists out on route J today, but there were several Amish buggies using it to come home from church.

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  1. doc

    I’ve got in-laws up that way; and what I notice are the Amish kids biking in groups on Sunday afternoons. Fortunately the berms are pretty wide for a highway like that, otherwise it’s surprising to see a four lane designated as a bike route.

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