Numb Toes


Note to self: Two pairs of wool socks and sneakers is not sufficient for temperatures below 20°F.

Got a quick ride in tonight. It was nice and icy out.  My toes went numb and my water bottle froze.  I should probably break out the camelbak to put under my jacket, but I hate having those straps all over me.

I think I have decided to hold off on the Karate Monkey for the time being. I’m pretty sure I can configure the Trek to be my “do everything” bike. I found a frame builder to lower the canti studs and cold-set the Trek so it can take 700c wheels and tires. I’m pretty sure I can squeeze a 35 or 37mm tire in there which should be adequate for the kind of trail riding I like to do. Since I can get studded tires in 700c, I will be able to ride the Trek year round.

The frame builder is Oswald Cycle Works in Mansfield, PA. I send so much of my bicycling budget to Minneapolis, Boston, New Orleans, and Walnut Creek, it’ll be nice to spend some loot in upstate Pennsylvania, where the economy had pretty much collapsed.

Mr Oswald made a cool video of how he cuts custom lugs. Check it out!

Today: 8.5 miles
This week: 8.5 miles
February: 18 miles
2007: 76 miles

5 thoughts on “Numb Toes

  1. I like to use a thin polypro liner with a thick wool sock over, all covers by a goretex oversock and either stuffed into my oversize pair of sidis or some shimano sandals. Good into the single digits for about 2 hours.

    I didn’t realize you were considering a KM. Since my geared bike broke over the weekend, I’m looking at one too.

    I think my absolute Favorite bike of all time is one Oswald entered in the NAHBS last year. The lugged red rohloff MTB. Absolutely fantastic. I wish a custom frame was in the budget. Maybe after the kids are out of college.

  2. Yes, I’ve been mulling over the idea of a KM for an all-rounder/ light-duty mountain bike. My Trek just isn’t quite up to rougher trails like the Stony Creek rail trail or the Blue marsh lake mountain biking trail.

    Yes, I wish a custom was in the budget, too. Maybe when *I’m* out of college 🙂

  3. doc

    I’m faced with the same issue on my C-dale, although it has 600 side-pulls. Oddly, when I swapped out the 27″X1″ wheels for some 700 rims, the brakes lined up exactly, although very tight with the 35mm tires. They fit fine on the front fork, but too tight in the rear triangle. Unfortunately, i can’t cold set an aluminum frame.
    That said, you might want to try some long reach side pulls before springing for the major work on the canti studs, and see how you like the ride.

  4. Most of the cost of this project is going to be the rear wheel itself, which I’d need to even test with the sidepulls. I wouldn’t be able to install it until after the rear-end is re-spaced anyways, so I think I’m just gonna go for it.

    What I’m really mulling over is whether to spring for a Phil hub…

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