The Wool Fetish Continues


I’m trying to gradually make my office attire as bicycle-friendly as possible, thereby eliminating my excuses for not riding.

I wanted a white wool t-shirt, so I could wear it under a dress shirt at the office. All the stuff Rivendell sells is black and blue and green, and I don’t think that would look right under a dress shirt. So, I ordered the Thermo Fleece t-shirt from (style #211). It’s kind of an anachronistic off-white eggshell color, and the neck hole is really bigger than it needs to be, even for my big pumpkin-head. I think this will work for bicycling, but I’ll probably order the lighter-weight style #shj121 next time.

I’m wearing it around the house today. So far, I’d say it’s a tad scratchier than the stuff Rivendell sells. It does have cooler packaging, however.

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I like the lambs.

2 thoughts on “The Wool Fetish Continues

  1. Bone-

    Couple Things…

    1. Wool, cool… fuck, yeah!

    2. Your blog [and the occassional reply to it] keeps fucking up… or at least fucking up for me. An WP error page. Just a “Heads Up” for you [if you don’t already know].

    3. [okay, more than a couple… a “Few Things”] We’re in Jersey City, NJ. About 5 minutes from the Holland Tunnel so your trip + parking in will be easy-peasy.

    As we head into March, you want to shoot me your phone # [or mine, to you] via email… we can suss out the Deluxe Tour-A-Thon Ride deets… it’ll be historic. Fucking HISTORIC.


  2. Yeah, I’ve been having some hosting problems. I’m tempted to change hosts, but I’m getting this hosting for cheap, so we’ll see if it gets any better.

    Sounds good on the parking front.

    I’ll shoot you an email, and we can formulate our evil plans.

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