Elven Magic


Last week, we got a bitchin’ snow storm, followed by a nice ice storm. I stayed inside and off the bike for several days, but today, I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I got suited up to go for a ride. As I pushed the Diamondback out the back door, I discovered that my back yard had been replaced with a solid sheet of ice about 7 inches thick.

I had a hard time pushing the bike up the hill to street level, and almost fell a few times. I got about 2 miles into my ride when it started snowing so hard I couldn’t see the road anymore.

Snow Bike – Click for big

With shoulders of all the roads covered under four feet of snowbanks, and with visibility pretty crappy, I decided to pack it in.

When I got to the backyard, I decided to tempt the fates and ride down the hill, across the sheet of ice, to the back porch.

I didn’t slip. I didn’t slide. I could even grab the brakes. Those Nokians are magic. I was surprised. These tires are 3 years old, and easily have 1000 miles on them.

I suspect that the Nokian factory is staffed by elves. I don’t see any way a product could be so well made as a Nokian tire without employing elven magic.

Keebler Elf

Today: 3.5 Miles
This week: 3.5 Miles
February: 21.5 miles
2007: 79.5 miles

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