I’ve been testing the new OpenStreetMap rendering engine. Here is an approximation of what Mechanicsburg Borough will look like when I’ve finished.

Open Street Map of mechanicsburg
Click for (great) big

I think I have more than 50% of the streets cataloged so far. I still have some cleanup to do on the street names. They are kind of crammed together in places and don’t render nicely.
As far as I’m aware, this is the only geo-spacial data covering central Pennsylvania to be released under a Creative Commons License.

CC Attribution Sharealike

I am considering doing maps of some of the more popular bicycling trails in the area and maybe having printed versions for sale here on the web site. Any interest?

2 thoughts on “Maps

  1. The absolute newest version apparently has bezier curves, if you install Math::Vec (and aren’t using Gentoo on an AMD64).

    My LBS is talking about getting rides of local trails done by the shop guys to go up on OSM and also create a booklet of trail guides to sell in the shop. I’ll be interested to see how your’s turns out – I think on my side it’ll end up with a bunch of pages photocopied and bound down at Kinko’s or similar!

  2. Yes, I’ve been following the bezier curve stuff on the OSM-talk mailing list and it seems to be somewhat controversial at the moment, so I think I’ll let things settle down before I turn it on.

    I was thinking of doing maps/guides that include things like the nearest bike shop, restaurant/lodging etc.

    Maybe print it out on paper that’s the right size to go in one of those map cases they sell for the tops of handlebar bags. Here in Pennsylvania, we have a pretty good network of touring routes for which (to my knowledge) no such guides exist. It would give me an excuse to ride all of them at least 🙂


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