Wildlife Encounter


Riding through the morning traffic
first commute, new destination
Rode bonius on the roadway
As the early morning sunlight
Overtopped the eastern mountains

Bonuis saw a little owl
On the side of the roadway
Bonius stopped his rolling cycle
and looked to see the little owl.
sat along the icy pavement.

“Little owl, you should not be here”
Said Bonius in to the owl
“Soccer moms will run you over”
With their dreadful mini-vans.
Bonius rolled his cycle closer
to the place owl was sitting
owl looked up, unafraid.

Did not ask bone for his name
As is custom for the owls.
Bonius worried owl was injured
because he did not fly away.

planned to take the owl with him
Owl could ride upon his shoulder
Bone would be like Harry Potter
With an owl for a friend

Bone reached down toward the ground
Yellow eyes full of wisdom
Stared into foolish eyes of red

Sky took owl without a sound
To the safety of a branch

Happily bone pedaled onward
Got to work way too early.
And with extra time to kill
he sat down and wrote this story.

Today: 16 miles
March: 18.5 miles
2007: 117.5 miles

6 thoughts on “Wildlife Encounter

  1. Klinutor

    The owl so wise and fair
    who makes many a flight
    may have observed the one so rare
    he may have had him in his sight

    The Turtle King he may have seen
    in his many passings
    or had knowledge of his being
    through his brethrens rantings

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