Indoor Birdwatching


Last week it was 70° outside, so I took the studded tires off the Diamondback. Yesterday we got 10 inches of snow. Crap.

I was too lazy to switch out the tires and go for a ride, so Brandi and I did some indoor birdwatching today. We put some birdseed outside the big glass door, put up the digicam on the tripod, and waited. And waited.

Then we built sort of a duck blind out of the curtains, and rigged up a kind of remote-shutter system where I would look out the window from across the room and Brandi kept a finger on the shutter button whilst hiding behind the curtains.
After several dozen crappy, out of focus, and poorly composed pictures, we got one that almost didn’t suck.

A  bird eating birdseed
Birdseed – Click for big

There you have it: a bird eating birdseed on my porch. You can even see the little seed in his beak.

If I had known how much work birdwatching was going to be, I would have put the studs on the bike instead.

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