Trek Finally Done!


I got the Trek back from Oswald today. The new powder coat turned out really nice.

New powdercoat
It looks red in the shade – Click for big

It looks orange in the sunshine
It looks orange in the sunshine – Click for big

Rear End
Rear drop-out – Click for big

So far, I’ve only taken it around the block to make sure nothing fell off. Tomorrow, I’m off to the big city to ride with the Large Fella. I should have some more pix up in the next day or two.

3 thoughts on “Trek Finally Done!

  1. The bike really turned out way better than I ever imagined. The tires are 700×37 Paselas. It is a very comfortable ride, especially with the wider tires. I took it on a 20 miler yesterday, and she floats over the broken pavement like a hovercraft.
    I really couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.

    I imagine your LHT will be the same story. The 520 has very similar geometry.

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