Rain Gear


I did 13 miles in the pouring rain tonight. I was finally able to try out some new rain gear. Rainlegs worked out very well. The XL size is freaking huge; almost too big for me, and I’m a monster.

Velox Seat cover…not so well. It’s a very tight fit on my B17, and it’s got a velvety texture that kind of sticks to your butt. So when you stand up, it tends to come undone. I’m hoping it stretches a bit over time so that won’t happen so much.

I can’t really comment on how waterproof it is, since I tried not to take my butt off it for fear of losing it.

The combination of my old rain jacket and the rainlegs made the entire ride very nice despite the rain. Only the tops of my feet really got wet.

Today: 13 miles
April: 71.5 miles
2007: 252.5 miles

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