Blasphemy and Bubbles


Brandi’s niece turned 2 years old yesterday. She got some cool presents. Among the metric ton of toys and such, was a tricycle, a bubble-cannon, and some sidewalk chalk.

She didn’t really care that she was supposed to be pedaling the trike, so long as someone would push her.

Not quite ready for a 2-wheeler yet

After she got tired of the trike, she got down to business with the bubble cannon.

Click for Video!

Once we were all out of soapy bubble juice, “Uncle Bone” took the sidewalk chalk and began an introductory lesson on the construction of Celtic Knotwork.

Celtic Knot

She lost interest somewhere during the lecture on runic spells and curses.

Uncle Bone can’t remember all the Runes anymore

Oh well. Enough corrupting the youth for one day.

Today: 18 miles
April: 89.5 miles
2007: 270.5 miles

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