Bike Swap (Lemond for Sale)


World Cup Ski and Cycle in Camp Hill is having a bike swap this weekend. That means you can get a smokin’ good deal on a used bike.

Especially if you’re in the market for a 2004 Lemond Tourmalet! If you or a friend are tallish and in the market for a go-fast kind of bike, this is what you’re looking for.

The frame is aluminum, the fork is carbon fiber. It’s so light, if you don’t tie it down, it’ll float away. (Ok, it’s about 20 pounds) The stand over is 31.5″ and the top tube is 23″ long, so it won’t work for short people.

I put less than 500 miles on this bike and half of those were on the trainer. Yes, those are STI brifters.

Up front, there are three chainrings and 175mm cranks

9 cogs in the back and an Ultegra dérailleur.

Rear end

Cat is not included

It’s a very nice bike if you’re into going fast. The cat is not included.

If no one buys it this weekend, it’ll be up on ebay next week. I am trying to raise funds to buy a monkey.

So tell yer friends, tell yer neighbors. and get on down to Word cup and buy my bike. Please!

4 thoughts on “Bike Swap (Lemond for Sale)

  1. Hey Killian, we get a lot of links from your site. Thanks. I was wondering if you would A. be interesting in coming up for a ride we have planned on the 19th o May, and B if you would let us do a little adverting for it on yer blog. Maybe just a shout out about the ride’s existance. The ride is free and shit, so we arnt trying to make money off you.
    Anyway, details are @

    Thanks dude,

    -James Johnson

  2. doc

    Pedal Pushers has a Monkey in the back room that they are working on, and I bought the wheels off of it. It belongs to the wife of one of the guys. Nice looking bike.

  3. Momma

    I’m more interested in the biker cat. Is she sold separately? How fast can she go? Does she have less than 500 miles on her,too?

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