Centre County Spring Ramble


The folks over at ridelugged.com are putting on a ride in two weeks. 51 miles at a slowish pace. The route slip is here.

Center County Spring Ramble Poster

I am going. I have room on my roof rack for an additional bike if anyone wants to carpool.

After the ride, there will be adult beverages and camping.
If you are a fat-ass slow poke like me, please come. I’ll be the slowest one anyways, and it’d be nice to have company at the back of the line 🙂

I have never ridden more than 40 miles, even when I was sort-of in shape, which I no longer am. So odds are good that I’ll be passed-out in a ditch before this is all said and done.

4 thoughts on “Centre County Spring Ramble

  1. doc

    It looks awesome. If I didn’t have a soccer match that day, I’d be up for it. ‘perfect venue for fat tired guys on fat tired bikes.

  2. I’m coming up from Baltimore, I’ve done a few of these rides and they’re always memorable and a good time. I’m also glad to hear that there will be more than just me bringing up the rear this time.

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