No work today


It’s nice outside. I took a vacation day and went for a bike ride.

I rode down to City Island, then upstream along the river to the Rockville Bridge.

This is the farthest North I’ve ridden from home.

Wave to the governor

My bike
The turnaround spot

Today: 32 miles
May: 32 miles
2007: 319 miles

4 thoughts on “No work today

  1. Thanks. I think (hope!) it’s an optical illusion. That fork was just aligned a few months ago (

    I do notice that the front wheel doesn’t seem to be quite symmetrical between the blades of the fork. The rubber is closer to the left side than the right. I dunno if the wheel is out of whack or what. It’s a cheapo wheel from ebay, so who knows.

    When funding is more abundant, I’d like to have a wheel built with a dynohub. I’m finding myself riding at night more lately.

  2. RoadToNowhere

    I’d know that Trek anywhere! Found you via the Bikeforums . . . and then the Ridelugged site . . . very cool to find you out here!

    Looked for you Saturday, didn’t find you – did you ride?


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